type password to decrypt storage kyocera?

How to solve type Password to Decrypt Storage All Android Phones (2021)

Open the back cover of your smart phone and remove the battery. This will power off the device. Now put the battery back in and close the cover.
Now you have to press the key combination to access the recovery mode. This differs for all the different mobile phones. In some phones it is Vol Up + Power or Vol Down + Power while in others it could be Vol Up + Vol Down + Power. You have to check your device manual, google it or ask on xda-forums about this. These key combination will boot your phone into the recovery mode.
Once you are inside the recovery mode, choose the option to wipe data/factory reset. This option shall delete all if your user data including the installed apps, personalized settings and added Google accounts.
After the data wiping is finished, choose the reboot system now option from the recovery to boot into the normal mode and access Android OS without any errors.

Type password to decrypt storage Fixed !

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