What is ProxyHandler App on Android?


All Android devices have the ProxyHandler system application that handles proxy network configurations on their device. There is a growing concern about whether this app is important or an unnecessary …

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What is PacProcessor?


Android devices have a lot of preinstalled system applications whose definite purpose is not explained by device manufacturers and one such app is PacProcessor. Users have complained that this app …

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What is ConfigUpdater?


Android users frequently complain about the ConfigUpdater app that it stops working unexpectedly. They aren’t sure if it’s a virus that infected their device or an important system application. Some …

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What is SUPL20Services?

SUPL20Services app

Huawei users have frequently complained about a system application named SUPL20Services that has a high CPU load and high battery consumption. Users aren’t sure if it’s important to keep this …

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What is MMITest App?

MMITest App

If you own a device from Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi or Huawei you might have seen the MMITest App running in the background or popping up suddenly. There is no …

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What is Androidhwext?


Huawei has been under a cloud right from the time they used Spyware as built-in apps on their devices. Because of this Huawei users are skeptical about unknown system apps …

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