how to get your boyfriend’s password?

How to get your boyfriend or girlfriend’s cell phone password 2017

ou can’t break into your boyfriend’s phone without knowing the password, Just ask him to show you. Tell him from me: Anything you can’t share with your partner É You can sneak a peak of him typing his password into his phone. Download text me or something (turn off the notification settings on the app first and foremost!! And just in case turn your phone on silent). go to your camera settings and get it ready to shoot a video. Now position yourself so your phone may be able to capture him typing but so that you donÕt appear to be able to be able to see. Act like your playing on your phone or online shopping or something and send a text to him from a text me number. (Make sure he isnÕt on his phone at the time of doing this so that he will have to type in his password in order to see the unknown text) once you send the text min. The app and go to your camera app and hit record . Hope that it captures him typing in his password. Another option that rarely works is to use a UV light after he eats something greasy and try and figure out his password based on the fingerprint marks left on the phone.

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