how to cancel out pink hair?

Does Green Toning Conditioner Cancel Out Pink Hair?

Nov 7, 2015 — you could try soaking the extensions in a mix of warm water with a bit of (mint?) green semi perm (or maybe even green food coloring, I’ve never …12 posts  ·  If you look at my hair timeline…that’s what happens to pink with purple toner on it …Help! I can’t get rid of the pink in my hair, not too sure …10 postsAug 9, 2013Can you apply toner onto dyed pink hair? – Forums7 postsMar 6, 2016How do I get this peachy-orange color out of my hair …20 postsJan 9, 2014Blue dye over pink hair? – Forums – HairCrazy.com6 postsJul 9, 2018More results from

how to REMOVE hair color WITHOUT bleach NO DAMAGE

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