Android Enterprise Professional (Updated) Pre-exam Answers 2021

In this post, you will get 100% correct answers to all the questions asked in the Android Enterprise Professional (Updated) Pre-exam. This exam contains 5 questions and there is no time limit. You can take the exam here.

Android Enterprise Professional (Updated) Pre-Exam Answers

Q.1 – What are the provisioning options supported for company-owned devices during initial setup?

(A) QR Code

(B) Zero Touch

(C) DPC Identifier

(D) None of the above

Q.2 – What are the two benefits that you would highlight for a customer looking to deploy applications via Managed Google Play?

(A) Prevents Admins from setting permissions to ensure app safety

(B) Allows Admins to create allow and block lists for public apps

(C) Safeguards devices by preventing private app deployment

(D) Removes the need for App wrapping

Q.3 – What are the identities that you can use for Managed Google Play?

(A) Managed Google Account

(B) Google Account

(C) My Company Account

(D) Managed Google Play Account

Q.4 – Identify the features that are related to Managed Google Play accounts.

(A) Easy to register and available immediately

(B) Obfuscated

(C) Only for Managed Google Play, and cannot be used for other Google services

(D) Auto Account provisioning upon EMM enrollment

Q.5 – Which is NOT an Android Enterprise Recommended program core requirement?

(A) It validates advanced features across multiple management sets.

(B) It demonstrates technical leadership.

(C) Ensures enterprise level support.

(D) It ensures support for Device Admin support remains in tact for customers.

About Android Enterprise Professional Pre-Exam

This exam tests your understanding of the underpinnings of Android Enterprise. This exam is conducted to test the slightly advanced concepts about the Android platform like distribution, deployment, Managed Google Account and Managed Google Play.

This exam contains a total of 5 questions and there is no minimum passing score mentioned. You can edit and review a question that you’ve already answered. If you fail on your first try then you can retake the exam immediately.

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